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Monday May 23rd 2022

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Nora Parsons Day Centre

Who are we?

Nora Parsons Day Centre is based in Wichenford and is totally operated by volunteers, providing day care facilities two days per week for isolated and lonely persons living in 21 surrounding villages.

The Members enjoy painting classes, Extend exercise classes, talks, bingo sessions, etc. Most important however is the opportunity to socially interact with others, including the volunteer drivers and helpers.

For more information contact:

Janet Dale


Nora Parsons Day Centre

Tel: 01886 888472


We always need more volunteer drivers and if you feel that you would be able to spare as little as 1 hour per week on a Monday or Thursday at 9.30am or 3.00pm

Please contact :

Mrs Margaret Johnson on 01905 754410..

A mileage allowance will be paid.


msh 2/4/10


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