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Friday July 19th 2024

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Price Family -Martley History

My family hales from Martley and my grandfather, John (Jack) Price lived at Martley Farm as a boy although he was born in the 1890s in a pub in Evesham which believe was called the Vine . We are looking for any scraps of information on the Price family, the farm in Martley or the pub in Evesham. My email address is davidjprice99@gmail.com

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  1. Pam Horsfield says:

    Do you still have the story on file of Thomas Willis whose name is on the war memorial?
    My uncle, Tom Willis, wrote an article for Martley which told how his father and mine, were born at Scar Cottage and worked at the Noak.
    If this has been lost from the record, please let me know.
    Pam Horsfield

  2. ANITA MOORE says:

    My great-grandfather was Richard Taylor, born around 1855. My grandmother was born in 1903, so I am guessing she was a cousin of Eddie Taylor who was born around 1910. I have yet to trace Richard’s father, who I hope will be related to Eddie’s father!!!

  3. Ruth Gaulton says:

    My maternal great grandfather was born in Martley, according to his death certificate, though I can’t find any evidence of his birth.
    His wife was Ada Mira Whitty also born in Martley in 1864. Her farther was William Whitty 1816-1877.
    Ada moved to Liverpool which is where my grandfather was born.
    It appears that Ada Whitty had children with

  4. Ruth Gaulton says:

    Ada had children with Walter Whitty born 1844,
    I can’t find any evidence of a marriage between Ada and Walter.
    Does anyone know of any way I can trace Walter Whitty’s family?

  5. Lippet says:

    looking for the history of the lipped family

  6. linda wixey says:

    hi i am researching my ancestry i may be distantly related to a family by the surname of grubham who came from martley. has anyone got any information in order for me to proceed with my search
    thank you