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Sunday April 21st 2024

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About The Villager

The Villager is a monthly magazine for the parishes of Martley and Wichenford, where it is delivered free to every household by a team of volunteers. You can also buy it at the shop and Post Office in Martley. The magazine is in its 19th year!!

The editor is Gail Dawson.

How to Contribute to The Villager

Have you visited somewhere interesting? Have you made an interesting discovery about local history? Do you run a club or society that others might like to hear about? Articles are always needed! Don’t worry if your English isn’t all you’d like it to be – the Editor is good at her job!

Email your text to Gail Dawson at editor@martley.org and ensure you enter ‘The Villager into the subject line.’

Please note that the Editor of the Villager is not the Webmaster. To contact the Webmaster, email webmaster@martley.org (webmaster: Richard Jackman)

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