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Friday July 19th 2024

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Direct Debit Mandate for Martley Web Mesh

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4 Responses ... “Direct Debit Mandate for Martley Web Mesh”

  1. Gerard Ludlow says:

    Good afternoon.

    Can I please get some info on how I would join Martley Mesh? We are soon to move to Temeside, Stanford Bridge, WR6 6SG.


    Gerard Ludlow

    • John says:

      We have surveyed the property and can connect but it needs a small post on the fence line at the back and a shallow trench digging to take the cable to the house. We have a price as I recall to the previous owner and doubt it wld be much different now tho we wld need to check it. You can get me on johnn@martley.org

  2. John Nicklin says:

    Hi thanks for your message. You might know that we have surveyed this site and subject to a short mast being erected along the fence line at the rear of the property and a cable run underground to the house, connection will not be a problem. I am on johnn@martley.org. Pse send me your phone and email contact details so I can send yo a leaflet. we are taking a bit of a break from installing at the moment but best to get you on the list

  3. Jon Hill says:

    Good Evening,
    I understand from our neighbour that we may be able to join the Martley Web Mesh. Please could you give me some details as to how I can confirm this and how I can join.
    Many thanks,