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Fauna and Flora

Fauna and Flora in Martley

The geological structure underlying the parish gives it an interesting and diverse ecology with a mixture of habitats. Most of the western side is heavily wooded, with a good mixture of deciduous woodland but very few coniferous woods. The western side of the parish is also hilly with the eastern side lying flat, supporting a diverse flora and fauna.

Martley lacks any large bodies of starting fresh water, but lakes and ponds have often been recent creations for fishing. Many small streams and springs within the parish boundary give a good supply of fresh running water. A report published in 1929 on the wells and springs of Worcestershire, states that ‘St. Peter’s Well has enough water to supply the whole village’.

Acknowledgements to Lynne Stanley, who researched and compiled many of the original pages for the Martley website, including the pages on Martley wildlife, which were in conjunction with Brian Draper, OBE..