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Wednesday June 12th 2024

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31 Responses ... “Martley Church”

  1. Karen Rose says:

    Neighbourhood Planning

    I think that Mr. O’Brian is shooting the messenger when it comes to Neighbourhood Planning and Locality issues.Whilst National Government has put forward some very good ideas about giving local people a voice when it comes to development the reality is somewhat different.The timescale imposed has meant developers have been able to rush in before Neighbourhood Plans have been completed and Local Authorities have been given very little flexibility to deal with this. Some might say that they are the fall guys since the blame will land at their door.
    There are many alternatives which the Government is not exploring , probably because new build on green fields will give instant jobs and money to the construction industry. Using redundant buildings and homes (especially in cities but they do exist even in rural areas) more compact building forms, more sheltered accommodation which frees up family homes and lets older residents stay in villages….all of these can make a significant contribution and there are many more options.
    Having worked in this field for many years I feel very cynical now. Planning inspectors almost invariably support the developers and local communities have very little say and have not had time to prepare their own ideas in a recognised form. In fact plans which have been prepared have a low success rate when it comes to formal recognition.
    Take a look at Winchcombe, Glos where just a few years ago a planning inspector turned down major housing development on multiple grounds and stated that there should definitely be no major growth and where a very organised and professional community team were working on a plan.The latest appeal overturned this entirely and the bulldozers are now at work.
    So do sign the petition advised by another contributor and try to make a difference.

  2. David Price says:

    My family hales from Martley and my grandfather, John (Jack) Price lived at Martley Farm as a boy although he was born in the 1890s in a pub in Evesham which believe was called the Vine . We are looking for any scraps of information on the Price family, the farm in Martley or the pub in Evesham. My email address is davidjprice99@gmail.com

  3. k.warne says:

    During the war my cousins and I were evacuated to Martley, I was 9 at the time. We went to the Village school and as I recall this consisted of one large Hall,with all ages of pupils were taught in age groups. This was in 1939 and since
    my home town in the industrial Midlands was being bombed my f parents made the decision to evacuate, together with 3 of my cousins.I recall that we occupied a converted tram which sat In a small triangular field.The helpful son a of a little older than myself was the Son of the village policeman.My name was Kathleen Shepheard and my cousins surnames were Henley and Salvin . It would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers us! I am now almost 85.Kathleen

  4. Yvonne Roskelly says:

    My family came from Marley in the 1800’s Their name was Turley, most were farmers and lived at Hollins, Pudford, The Jewry, Aldens,Barbers,Prickley Green farm and others.
    I have been trying to get a list of graves in the Church Yard but can only find a very few, I understand there is a list of graves somewhere, should be one in the church. I was also told that the Chairman of the WI had one. I cannot find any details of who to contact in the WI.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Yours sincerely
    Yvonne Roskelly nee Turley

  5. Helen carter says:

    My great great uncle Alred Edward Hodgins had a place called The Aldens Martley he died February 1940. Charles his son took over and his wife Majorire . He died June 1951 and his wife Marjorie carried on. They had one child. Please contact me if you have any information.
    Alfred often came to Australia to visit his brothers.

    • Thomas Trueman says:

      I have information re; your Charles Hodgins. My grandfather tells me he liked a pint. My grandfather surname is Bradburne.

    • Sarah Norris says:

      Dear Helen. I have just noticed this site and your message left in June 2016. I am the youngest daughter of Noreen Nicholls (buried in the churchyard in Martley) nee Hodgins, only child of Charles and Marjorie of The Aldens. I no longer live in Worcestershire but my brother and his family do. Will look forward to hearing about relatives as I know little about the family beyond my mother’s era – she died of lung cancer when I was 18 and my grandmother died at 82. Best wishes Sarah

      • Phyllis Davies says:

        Dear Sarah
        I am researching my mother’s line who are the Hodgins. I am interested in the connection between the Hodgins who lived at the Aldens and the O’Briens who lived at Lingens, Martley. I have quite a lot of data on the Hodgins, which I am happy to share with you. I can trace you back to your 4 times great grandfather. I have visited Martley church yard but didn’t realise your mother was buried there.
        Best wishes

        • Helen carter says:

          Hi Phyllis
          Can you tell me about your hodgins going back and who u are related to.
          Regards Helen carter

          • Phyllis Davies says:

            Hi Helen
            My great, great grandfather was Tom Hodgins (1818? – 29/9/1876)of Newtown, Cloughjordan.
            I can’t find a direct link with your branch but there is circumstantial evidence. There were so many Hodgins in north Tipperary, it’s like spaghetti!
            The earliest ancestor I have for you is Edward Hodgins (31/12 1752 – 20/1/1840). I’ve created a 24 page pdf of his descendants which is far too much to put on this website.
            If we can find a way to swap email addresses without putting them up in the public domain, you’re welcome to have a copy.

        • Sarah Norris says:

          Hi Phyllis. My apologises, last time I looked here there were no replies to my comment now there is you as well as Helen. I wondered if we could do direct email or facebook if you did either? It would be brilliant to swop Hodgins family knowledge, mine is scant. I have visited Cloughjordan House in Tipperary, it is in the same ownership/family who purchased it from Charles, they run a cookery school and the Hodgins Aboretum is still there. My brother and sister and I would love to get in touch. BW Sarah

      • Helen carter says:

        Dear Sarah
        What a surprise. Charles hodgins was the son of Alfred Hodgins, cloughjordan house, Tipperary. He brother John Pringle hodgins and Robert Wyburn hodgins came to Australia 1883. Charles was captured by the Germans in WWI but came home safely. He went to the Mill Hill school, barnet London. How many children are there in the Nicholls family.?
        Thank you for replying
        Helen carter

        • Sarah Norris says:

          Hi Helen Can we do direct email please or do you do facebook? I have only just gone back and seen this thread following my last message to you so have lots to catch up on. Look forward to hearing from you and will do the same with Phyllis Davies. BW Sarah

          • Eleanor Taylor (nee Hodgins) says:

            Hi Sarah, I’m about to publish 135 pages of history of the ‘Hodgins Nursery’ family for my cousins here in Australia and in Britain. It would be great if I could add you and your siblings and families as your mother, Helen Carter’s mother and I are second cousins. I’ve drawn up a tree of 14 generations, concentrating on the 8 generations of nurserymen, 5 in Ireland and 3 in Australia. Captain Alfred Edward Wyburn Hodgins was my grandfather’s elder brother who was a plantfinder. How can I contact you directly? Will be visiting UK in mid-2019.
            Eleanor Hodgins Taylor

  6. Thomas Trueman says:

    My grandfather used to give Charles a lift to the pub when his leg was stiff. Recalls he was a captain in the first World War. If you would like any further info please say. My grandfather says he was an pleasant, educated man.

  7. Claire Perry says:

    Im looking for the resting place of Richard Perry born 1890 and died at Martley in October 1869.He was a Tanner, Any information would be wonderful, Many Thanks.

  8. Claire Hainsworth says:

    My maiden name was Powick and I believe my some of my family lived here before moving to Shrawley in the 1800’s. Does anyone have any information on them please. Thank you x

    • Eve Fraser says:

      You may gather that I haven’t looked at this site for some time. I have a copy of Martley Church Registers – do you still need the information?


  9. My Mother’s Great Grandfathers family lived in Little Whitley Nr Martley around 1900’s his name was James Monk and he was married to Alice Williams. They had around 13 children. James died in 1951. We do not know where any of them are buried, or where they lived/worked. Would be very grateful if anyone has any information about Moms family.

  10. My Mother’s Great Grandfathers family lived in Little Whitley Nr Martley born 1865, his name was James Monk and he was married to Alice Williams. They had around 13 children. James died in 1951. We do not know where any of them are buried, or where they lived/worked. Would be very grateful if anyone has any information about Moms family.

  11. James Hicken says:

    My family name is HICKEN, my Great Grandfather is on the 1861 census as the Landlord of the Masons Arms. My Grandfather Henry Edward moved to birmingham around 1900.
    I wondered if there any HICKEN’S still living in the area?
    I have visited the church and found a number of HICKEN graves.

    • Eve Fraser says:

      Hello James, The Wichenford Local Heritage Group know of the Hickens and have done some research on the family. The Masons Arms is in Wichenford parish but some burials took place at Martley during the restoration of Wichenford Church. There are also several graves in Wichenford churchyard. As far as we know there are no descendants in Wichenford or Martley but we have been in touch with some now living in Worcester.

      • James Hicken says:

        Hello Eve,
        Many thanks for your reply, sorry about delay in responding.
        I see from other answers you have given to other people that you have a plan of the graveyards, is it possible to obtain a copy.
        My wife and I plan to visit the Masons Arms over the next 3 weeks. I will have another good look around both graveyards.
        How can I contact the Wichenford Local Heritage Group

        • James
          I am Chair of the Wichenford Local Heritage Group and live at The New House Kings Green that was built by William Hicken between 1838-1840.
          I am in touch with Helena who has an extensive Hicken family tree. I’ll let her know of this contact

  12. Michelle Butt says:

    Hello sorry to bother you I came across this by pure accident this morning,I have been trying for many years to find the burial site of Ellen Robinson (my 3x great grandmother) who died in 1876 and her son William who died 1888, they lived at Tomkins farm Martley,just around the corner from the church.. William died in a freak accident near to his home when he and another young man were in charge of a horse and cart the 3 horses were spooked and he was crushed by the cart.I have visited the church several times in the hope that I may find them.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated however if you have no information my I just say Thank you for taking the time to read this
    Kind regards
    Michelle Butt

  13. Malcolm Freeman says:

    Some of my ancestors came from Martley.Surname Freeman and would possibly be at rest in the church yard .can anyone help

  14. Eve Fraser says:

    Hello Malcolm -I have copies of the parish registers and there are several Freemans buried at St Peters from 1700 to the 1850’s however I’ve had a look at a recent plan of the graveyard and can’t find any existing gravestones.

  15. Eve Fraser says:

    Hello Michelle,I haven’t looked at the website for a while but someone told me of your query as I’ve done some research into Tomkins Farm. I don’t think Ellen died in Martley district as, firstly I can’t find her on freebmd and, secondly, Tomkins farm wasn’t sold to R.P.Hill (your ancestor’s employer) until 1880. I also have some school records covering a period up to April 1881 and Joseph’s son (Albert on the census)isn’t listed in the admissions. There is a burial of a William Robinson, aged 17 listed in the St Peters parish register on 24/4/1888 but I can’t find an existing headstone on a recently compiled plan of the graveyard. I have been contacted a few years ago by another descendant of this family and if you’d like I’ll see if I can contact her again and, somehow, put you in touch with each other.

  16. Susan Jackson says:

    I am currently tracing my father’s family and have found that my great Grandfather, Thomas Nordon (Nurden) was born in Martley in 1852 the illegitimate son of Charlotte Nurden (father unknown) whose parents were Thomas & Elizabeth Nurden. I can trace some of the family in the Census 1841-1861 as living in and around Martley. I am looking to find any further information to corroborate the information I have and to help put so context on the dates i.e. exactly where did they live, where are they buried, Charlottes occupation is down as a Glover (what did that entail), Did anyone attend a local school, Thomas Jnr as a boy of 9 worked on a farm at Hippsmoor (does this still exist etc.
    If anyone can help with any more information or point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated

  17. Yvonne Roskellly says:

    Hello Martley, has anyone got. A plan or list of names in Martley church burial ground, I am looking for Turley’s. There were a lot of them living on farms in the 1800s, Pudford, Aldons,Hollings Prickly Green, Collins Green, The Jury.. I have visited the site and got a few of the graves that are close together but there must be many more. Any help would be most appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Yvonne Roskelly nee Turley

  18. Sarah Trigger says:

    I seem to have a lot of ancestors connected to Martley, eg Roan, Freeman,and Nurden.
    I’m looking for information about William Bowen (born est 1771-1795), who died in Martley, and his wife Elizabeth Boswell who died in Martley in 1796. They were married in Martley 13 April 1746
    I can’t find a birth or baptism record for her.
    Can anyone help?
    Kind regards
    Sarah Trigger