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Monday August 15th 2022

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Memorial Hall

Bookings for Martley Memorial hall -Pat Owen 01886 888 406 or patowen1946@gmail.com

Monday-11.45-Zumba Gold, 1st-Parish Council-7.30,2nd- Teme Valley Geological society

Tuesday-9-11 Toddlers, Pilates-11, Shortmat bowling-2-4, Zumba 6.30

Wednesday-9.30 On the ball group Fit, 1pm Table tennis

Thursday-Art Club-10am, yoga 7pm .last -Horticultural Society.

Friday-10am -Zumba, high intensity Fitness-6.30

2nd Saturday-Movies in Martley

Last Saturday-Charity coffee mornings.

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6 Responses ... “Memorial Hall”

  1. Eric Dale says:

    I am looking to bring our village hall into the 21st century with the provision of internet facilities. At present we have no telephone line in place. I was hoping your VH was all linked in and I could come and chat to someone and learn from your experience.
    Best regards
    E Dale

  2. Sheila Evans says:

    Hi, I would like to join your bowls group is it still running on a Tuesday afternoon Please?
    Many thanks
    Sheila Evans
    August 2018

  3. Pat Owen says:

    Do come along. They start back on January 8th. Sorry I missed this.

  4. Sally says:

    Hi is the Tuesday Toddlers just for toddlers or babies also?

  5. Colin Smith says:

    My great uncle Sidney Colin White was an amateur still life painter who lived at Hillside, Martley. Did he ever attend your group ? He was painting in the 1920s.

  6. barbara Selkirk says:

    Hi Can you please tell me how much it would cost per hour to hire the hall for a children’s party Thanks Barbara

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